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The Last Week Information!  

Dear Parents,

     As we enter our last week of school, I want you to be aware there will be no homework assignments this week. Instruction will continue each day in class as we focus on standard RI.6.5 Analyze how a particular sentence, paragraph, chapter, or section fits into the overall structure of a text and contributes to the development of the ideas. Please make sure your child has paper and pencil each day.

     I would also like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the support you have provided me, and most importantly, your child. Parents who are actively involved and supportive in the learning of their child will see the child become a successful adult.

    Once again, thank you and enjoy the summer!


Rachel S. Jones


Homework April 21-April 25  

Dear Parents,

     Due to the Biscuits Ballgame on Tuesday, Global Scholar testing on Thursday and the half day attendance on Friday, there will be no homework this week.


Rachel Jones

Post Test  

Dear Parents and Guardians,

     The post test for Unit 3 is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18. We will review the week of February 10 on capitalization, punctuation as well as the reading standards. Look for documents on my file manager page giving more information soon!


Rachel Jones

6th ELA

Important Changes  

Dear Parents and Students,

     I wanted everyone to be aware of a change in our weekly vocabulary tests. We will now have our tests on Thursdays with students receiving the new words for the following week each Friday.

     As many of you are aware, students completing and turning in homework assignments was a huge problem! As an incentive ( in addition to the grade ), students who complete and turn in ALL homework assignments will be rewarded every four weeks with a "Sundae" party or a pizza party.

     Stay tune for additional information and changes!


Rachel Jones

6th Grade ELA

Very Important Announcement!  

November 26, 2013 

Dear Parents,

     Please forgive me for not providing this information yesterday. As you have probably assumed, we will not have homework assignments this week. We will begin next week with daily assignments and vocabulary words.

     We will begin a new unit next week as well. The title of the unit is “Embracing Heritage” and is scheduled to last eight weeks. I will post standards in the days to come. Please make note that we will read Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan. At this point we have enough paperback copies for each student ( yea!!!! ). Students will be given reading assignments outside of class, so please check assignments each Monday.

     Last, but not least, I hope each of you have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving with your family and friends!



Rachel S. Jones

October 7-11 Assignments and Study Guide   

Dear Parents, Guardian and Students,

     This week's assignments will also include a study guide for a Summative Assessment on Pronouns scheduled for next Monday, October 14. Please review this carefully in order to do well on the exam.

Mrs. Jones

Unit One Post test/Vocabulary Test 5  

Unit one posttest will be given Friday, October 4. The test will assess pronouns (L.6.1)  as well as inferences and citing textual evidence in a passage ( RL.6.1). Students will be given practice assignments and / or study guide.

Due to homecoming activities, the vocabulary test scheduled for this Tuesday has been changed to next Tuesday, October 8.


Dear Parents,

     Just a note to let you know some important dates and changes. Vocabulary tests are changing to Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. Also, picture money and or proofs are due October 4th. Look for new vocabulary words on file manager.




Rachel Jones

Vocabulary Test  

Just a reminder the students will have a summative assessment tomorrow (September 18) on the past three vocabulary lessons! Words may be viewed from previous assignments found on File Manager.


Mrs. Jones

September 3-September 6 Homework Assignment  

Please view File Manager for this week's homework assignments,

New vocabulary words  

Please view file manager for the new vocabulary words.

August 26-August 30 Homework Assignments  

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

     Please view "file manager for this week's assignments!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Jones

Vocabulary Words August 22-August 28  

Dear Parents,

Please view file manager to see the vocabulary words for the vocabulary test on August 28th. Students will be expected to identify the correct definition of the words as well as use correctly in context. Students have had the opportunity to define the words in class (Thursday, August 22) and Friday, August 23rd. Please review nightly the meaning of the words.

Thank you,

Rachel Jones


Welcome to CMS 2013-2014!  

Students, Parents and Guardians,

     Welcome to a new school year! A successful student is a prepared and informed student. This site will give you the information to be prepared and informed for my class. Please visit the site often to view announcements, homework assignments, events and other important information. Should you need additional information, please email me at or call the school at 256-377-1490. I am SUPER excited about this year!

Mrs. Jones